Quit This Town

How is summer nearly over already?! August started off very busy; I played three shows in the span of the week before heading off to a wedding in Lethbridge, followed by a road trip with my boyfriend and a few days at my dad's place in the Shuswaps before

When the little turbo-prop plane takes off from Calgary International Airport, I fall into a sort of half-sleep immediately. Fashionism played a show last night opening for the absolutely fabulous, ultra-gay glam-pop artist Laurice; I didn’t get to bed till after 2, and caught my

After getting in some practice on some of the easier hikes around Vancouver, I was pretty excited to try something a bit more spectacular. And so, we headed west from Vancouver to Cypress Mountain to tackle the trail to St. Mark’s Summit. Classed as an intermediate

  Murrin Provincial Park is one of those places I'd driven past countless times, always thinking about how much I'd like to stop. We finally did, earlier this year, and were treated to one of the most rewarding short hikes I've yet discovered around Vancouver: the hike to

It only took six months, but here I am, starting over. Why? My travel blog, which I've been keeping intermittently since 2008, was deleted and purged from my host's servers while I was away in Mexico this past January with no hope of recovery (lesson learned: